Postural Tone & Posture

Improvement in posture is one of the most well-known benefits of learning the Alexander Technique but it is difficult to objectively assess ‘posture’. Perhaps of more relevance is postural muscle tone and how it is regulated – this impacts on what may be perceived as ‘posture’ but also on such fundamental human features as movement coordination and balance.

Studies showing increased dynamic regulation of postural tone through Alexander Technique training:

1. Increased dynamic regulation of postural tone through Alexander Technique training

2. Neuromechanical interference of posture on movement: evidence from Alexander technique teachers rising from a chair

3. Improvement in automatic postural coordination following Alexander Technique lessons in a person with low back pain

Study exploring the impact on surgeons’ posture of attending Alexander lessons:

4. The impact of the Alexander Technique on improving posture and surgical ergonomics during minimally invasive surgery: pilot study