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The Alexander Technique is a powerful educational approach taught worldwide that can improve mental, emotional and physical wellbeing in the classroom and  beyond.

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How can AT help in education?

The Alexander Technique reawakens natural poise so that minds and bodies can work in harmony to counter stress in our environment. It substitutes habitual tensions with a free flowing coordination, and thus has a wide range of applications for young people.

Contact us to find out about how the Technique could be introduced at an educational setting you're involved with.

These include:

  • cultivating mental and emotional health
  • enabling resilience and self-confidence
  • developing a balanced approach to academic work
  • enhancing performance in sport, music and public speaking
  • dealing with neck, shoulder and back pain
  • promoting social skills

Why use AT in education?

There are many good reasons to introduce Alexander's work to children and teenagers. Articles in the media increasingly report that young people are experiencing more backache, discomfort, stress and anxiety. Whereas education is often geared towards goal setting and exams, Alexander lessons help young people to take a step back, find resources within themselves, and stay in touch with their wellbeing.

Much of what we regard as talent is actually co-ordination of body, mind and emotions. As children come into contact through lessons with the source of their mind-body co-ordination, they find their overall learning improves. They become more confident, resilient and able to think calmly and constructively when faced with life's challenges.


Give children conscious control and you give them poise, the essential starting point for education.

F. M. Alexander