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STAT Office hours

The STAT Office hours are Monday to Thursday 8am to 5pm and Friday 8am to 4pm.

If you contact us outside of those hours we will contact you back within two working days. During busy periods we aim to reply by five working days.

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You are not here to do exercises or to learn how to do something right, but to become able to meet a stimulus that always puts you wrong and to learn how to deal with it.

F M Alexander

Diversity, inclusion and anti-discrimination

STAT supports diversity and opposes racism and every other form of prejudice or discrimination. It deplores all expressions thereof, in any form, contemporary or historical. STAT and its members stand apart from any and all prejudicial or discriminatory passages in the writings of F M Alexander. They neither expound nor define the body of practice and theory that has come to be known as the Alexander Technique; they play no part in the manner in which the Technique is taught in STAT approved Training Courses or in the practice of the Technique by its Teaching Members. Equality and freedom from discrimination are fundamental to STAT’s advancement of the Technique.