Caring and Carers

A number of papers have been published about the potential of the Alexander technique to support caring. The studies include Alexander work with professional carers and people undertaking informal, unpaid caring roles of different kinds, from postnatal care to caring for older adults. The articles describe studies involving various interventions, such as Alexander lessons with individuals and with groups, and Alexander-informed online work. Collectively this diverse set of research studies points to links between self-care and caring for others, and to the potential of Alexander lessons to impact favourably on the experience of both care partners.

  1. Extending understanding of ‘care’ as an embodied phenomenon: Alexander Technique teacher perspectives on restoring carers to themselves
  2. The Alexander Technique; A role in dementia care?

  3. Women's experiences of using the Alexander Technique in the postpartum: ‘…in a way, it's just as beneficial as sleep’