Learning the Alexander Technique

You learn the Alexander Technique through one-to-one lessons with one of our qualified teachers who will address your individual needs. Some teachers offer introductory group classes and workshops. All our teachers have successfully completed a 3 year full time training course.

What to expect in a lesson

  • Initially you may discuss your reasons for taking lessons and your teacher will explain what happens in a lesson.
  • Your teacher will guide you through simple movements and everyday activities such as sitting, standing, walking or bending, communicating through skilful hands-on guidance and verbal explanations.
  • Part of the lesson may include lying down in the classic Alexander Technique semi-supine position which allows maximum support for the back to relax and expand.
  • Although you will not be engaging in any kind of strenuous exercise, the lesson relies on your active participation.
  • Your teacher will recommend that you wear unrestrictive clothing. Trousers or leggings are ideal. You may be asked to remove your shoes.

Duration and cost

  • A lesson lasts about 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Your progress and particular needs and goals will determine the number of lessons you decide to take. Many people notice benefits from the very first lesson. A series of 20 to 30 lessons is a good foundation for you to be able to start applying the Alexander Technique in your daily life.
  • Cost of lessons varies, depending on location and premises. Please contact your local teacher to enquire about specific costs.
  • The Alexander Technique is taught in a variety of premises – Alexander centres, health clinics, pain clinics, schools, colleges, businesses.  And many teachers run a practice from their homes.

The Alexander Technique makes me feel more comfortable, poised and peaceful. I started lessons years ago and have kept them up because I love the body awareness they teach. The Technique helps me to let go of tension and feel better, not just during lessons, but always.

Rachel Baird, Media Officer, London

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