The Evidence for the effectiveness of lessons in the Alexander Technique in medical and health-related conditions: a systematic review

International Journal of Clinical Practice  2012;66:98–112 
    Woodman JP and Moore NR.


    This study used a systematic approach to find and review all the available evidence that has been published on the use of Alexander Technique lessons in areas related to health.

    The review found strong evidence that one-to-one Alexander lessons are effective for people with chronic back pain. Back pain and the associated disability were significantly reduced and the improvement maintained long term. There was also a moderate level of evidence that one-to-one Alexander lessons are effective in helping reduce the disability associated with Parkinson’s disease. Preliminary evidence was found to suggest that Alexander lessons may be effective for a diverse range of other health-related conditions but the results came from small studies and need to be confirmed in larger trials.  

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    Health and well-being
    Pain: Other

    It is a challenge to try to summarize the experience [of the Alexander Technique], as I find it (and it finds me) being the constant change, not there to be grasped. The most measureable is the sharpening of all the senses. My violinist ears react to the most subtle nuances in the sound and the experience is that of all the senses 'working' on the sound (and the means that are producing it), when I play. This has made possible the greater awareness in the moment present.

    Agnieszka Opiola, Independent Violinist, Glasgow

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