I never thought I could do that…”: Outcomes from an Alexander Technique pilot group for older people with a fear of falling

European Journal of Integrative Medicine 2018;17:79–85

Glover L, Kinsey D, Clappison DJ, Jomeen J


This small-scale pilot study investigated changes following, and acceptability of, Alexander group classes for older people with a fear of falling. Although results from the quantitative outcome measures did not show significant changes, focus group data suggested some quite profound changes for the individuals who took part. The reported improvements were in movement, mood and confidence. The findings suggest that participating in Alexander group classes can change older people’s awareness of themselves and their surroundings and allow them to feel more secure. This awareness combined with acceptance of their limitations led participants to feel empowered to make adjustments to their activity and review their priorities.


Read the abstract of the paper here: https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1WA-26geyxcgzI

Health and well-being

I am relieved to be out of pain and to have found a technique that works for me. I hadn’t appreciated when I first started lessons how much of a positive impact the Alexander Technique would have in other areas of my life. Considering I only started Alexander Technique lessons for back pain, this has been an unexpected bonus!

Kathy Glenn

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