Preliminary evidence for feasibility, efficacy, and mechanisms of Alexander technique group classes for chronic neck pain.

Complementary Therapies in Medicine 2018;39:80–86

Becker JJ, Copeland SL, Botterbusch EL, Cohen RG

This small pilot non-controlled study explored the potential of group Alexander Technique teaching for people with persistent neck pain. Reductions in neck pain were observed and these were associated with participants’ ability following the classes to lessen excessive muscular tension.  These findings show the value in further research on group teaching in this setting.


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Neck Pain

I was looking for some way to help manage my lower back problems without relying on pain relief medication. I have found my one-to-one AT sessions extremely helpful and have learnt to identify and avoid postures and actions that contribute to back pain. I now know how to relax and properly rest my back and neck. In my experience, AT is a whole body technique which can help one to be more self-aware and to understand how to move with less tension and consequently, with less effort. Hurray for AT!

Patricia Brooks

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