Neck Pain

  • Neck pain is a leading cause of disability, and is the fourth most common health condition out of 291 reported worldwide.
  • Chronic neck pain can be quite complex in nature and it is often considered as more difficult to manage than chronic back pain.
  • The problem of chronic neck pain is likely to grow because of increasing computer and mobile technology use ('text neck').
  • After back pain, neck pain and posture are the most common reasons for taking Alexander Technique lessons.
  • In a major clinical trial funded by Arthritis Research UK and run by the University of York, one-to-one Alexander lessons led to long-term improvement in pain and associated disability for people who had chronic neck pain. Read more here:



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The advice and coaching from my Alexander teacher during training for a London to Paris bike ride transformed my experience immeasurably and I am pleased to say that I was really able to enjoy the event without suffering as many of my co-participants did. I would urge anyone who is considering any physical challenge and is interested in, or, practising AT to seek some specific AT tips and advice.

Sally Buckle

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