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Lying Down Day - 8 October 2018

The benefits of lying down Quality “me-time” The regular practice of lying down in the semi-supine position is invaluable for maintaining a healthy spine but…

Self-efficacy and self-care-related outcomes following Alexander Technique lessons for people with chronic neck pain in the ATLAS randomised, controlled trial

European Journal of Integrative Medicine 2017; doi: 10.1016/j.eujim.2017.11.006 Woodman J, Ballard K, Hewitt C, MacPherson H. BRIEF SUMMARY This study is…


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Alexander Technique came into my life around the same time that I was diagnosed with scoliosis. However, through Alexander Technique I am able to manage my back pain and use my body more efficiently! At the end of a lesson I feel grounded but floating on air. I cannot thank my Alexander Technique teachers enough for the wisdom and health they have given me.

Rebecca Gausnell, Voice Coach, London

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