Complaints Procedure

Any complaint against a member of STAT (Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique) should be taken as soon as possible to the Complaint Officer at the STAT Headquarters.

Tel: 020 8885 6524


Post: Complaint Officer, Grove Business Centre, Unit W48, 560-568 High Road, London N17 9TA


Stage One

You will have the Complaint Procedure explained to you and should you wish to take this path you will be asked to complete a complaints form.

When STAT receives the completed complaint form it will be looked at first by one of the two  co-ordinators of the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC). This co-ordinator will write to the member of STAT being complained about, enclosing details of the complaint, and giving the member 14 days to make a response.

All complaints are taken seriously and in some extreme cases involving not only professional incompetence but dishonesty, physical abuse or other breaches of the law, complainants will be encouraged to contact the police.


Stage Two

The Preliminary Investigation Committee (PIC) is informed and will contact both sides of the dispute in order to decide if there is a case to answer and if there is a  reasonable chance of a satisfactory outcome. If it is decided to proceed further the matter will be referred back to the co-ordinator who will initiate a meeting of the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC).


Stage Three

The Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) will look at all the evidence.

It may decide to make contact with the people involved in the dispute.

A decision will be made.


Stage Four

An Appeal may be made through the Appeals Committee whose decision will be binding.