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Alexander Technique at Wellington College

I teach Alexander’s Technique two days a week in term time at Wellington College to pupils aged between 13 and 18. Currently I have 18 music scholars who are entitled to receive 5 half hour AT lessons per term as part of their Music Award. My additional pupils are those wishing to learn how AT can help them with posture, coordination, balance, breathing, injury prevention, improving resilience (physical and emotional), enhance performance skills, presentation skills, manage anxiety and stress and also with musical, recreational and sporting endeavours which make up a large part of the curriculum here.

The benefits are many and varied. I believe it’s important for young people to be able to manage themselves well in the busy day to day life of a boarding school. There are many pressures to be managed. A busy curriculum, with an academic workload to be met, plus concerts, rehearsals, shows, sports matches, service alongside the ups and downs of growing up and all the emotional peaks and troughs that accompany the journey. Friendship issues, group dynamics, sharing space, managing social media and needing to be robust enough to manage the whole scenario comfortably so that the individual person may thrive and fulfil their potential. This can be a tall order indeed especially in this day and age.

This is where Alexander’s Technique can be so beneficial. He made a unique discovery, the head, neck, back relationship determines how well we perform any task / activity. Learning how our physical structure works is crucial to enabling us to mindfully direct the body towards complying with its actual Natural design. Accurate body mapping is part of my teaching programme here. The pupils are quick learners and very soon we can move onto the more challenging aspects of AT, how we think, how we move, how we appear to others is always under our control. The ability to drop harmful habits often has remarkable results reflected in posture, body language, coordination and breathing patterns. It’s an ongoing educational process in Self Care with so many positive ramifications it’s almost embarrassing and may seem to be ‘too good to be true’ !

But Nature knows best, Nature is efficient. Getting to know our Nature is the key to a holistic well rounded young person who has the ability to perform at his or her best. Alexander’s Technique leads the way to our true Nature. It’s a very interesting and rewarding journey that serves the pupil well.

Angela Bradshaw


Pupil quotes

“Alexander technique has, simply, helped with absolutely everything, and I think the teaching of it should be much more widely spread. It gives many physical benefits: Relief from aches and pains, Balance, Coordination, Energisation, Speed, Strength. In addition, it also gives many mental benefits such as: Less anxiety, Less stress, More creativity, A more relaxed and open mindset. I urge anyone of any age of any occupation or background to try it.”

"Even being new to Alexander Technique I found it a very beneficial and rewarding experience so far. After each session I have felt more relaxed as a person and have found it easier to balance a rather busy day to day life. It also has been really interesting to learn more about how the human body works and how amending bad postural habits can positively affect the way you feel as a person."

“Alexander Technique has helped me a lot with my back and neck problems which I have had for some time. I went to physio which didn’t help but Alexander Technique has helped me handle my back pain much better. It has also helped me become much more aware of my posture."

“AT helps me free my head and allows me to escape from reality for some time. It makes me feel so good for the rest and helps me with my injuries!”

“Alexander Technique has helped me get in touch with the way my body is meant to be, with no aches, pains or niggles!”


“I really look forward to my Alexander Technique lessons every cycle. Of course it helps me with music, but it also helps me feel more grounded and relaxed. I’m more aware of my posture and bone structure, and the things I can do to avoid harmful impact on them. Just sitting in lessons I’m aware of my posture and balance. It’s a relaxing but constructive break from our busy days.”

“Alexander Technique is a time where I can relax and become aware of everything. It is a time which is helpful to take your mind off things and to think about the way that your body works.”

“Alexander Technique to me is a way of hypnotising the body parts in order to reduce tension.”

“Alexander technique helps me relax and teaches me how to relax outside of the class as-well both mentally and physically. It also teaches me how to use my body in the correct way for music and sport.”

“Alexander technique can be extremely beneficial for everyday life. I have often had pains in my back and it can be incredibly useful to spend a few minutes once in a while to sort out your posture. It is easy to do and can help you through your entire life.”

“I always look forward to my Alexander Technique lessons: I come out feeling clear-headed and ready to tackle the day ahead. I have become more aware of any tensions and developed effective ways to combat them. This is a skill I can now apply to my musical and sporting activities, and is especially useful when dealing with nerves. I am also getting better at recalling the state of relaxation I feel at the end of each session when I notice muscular tensions and when trying to get to sleep. I would definitely recommend Alexander Technique lessons.”