AWARE stands for:

Attention:  develop attention and learn how to focus and use it, being present

Wellbeing: have less tension and stress, and more natural poise leading to overall well-being

Agility: develop mental, physical and emotional agility to adapt to any situation 

Resilience: be better able to cope with challenges and learn from getting things wrong             

Energy: have less tired, nervous energy and more productive, balanced energy to perform better in whatever they are doing

Quotes from school students taking Alexander Technique lessons:


Alexander Technique lessons have made me much more aware of a side of myself which I very often lose in the busy school life.   This includes how aware I am of my surroundings and each lesson leaves me more in-balance in my body than when I arrive. The lessons are very helpful to talk things through, reminding yourself of the mental and physical link that is part of so much of music, in a safe environment. AP

Alexander Technique has helped me organize my thoughts and emotions.  It gives me more time.  AL

Alexander Technique allows us to appreciate a conscious awareness of ourselves. It is through this awareness that facilitates change for the better - by relearning the simplest of actions that we have already become accustomed to, enabling us to be in a better place.  MH

The Alexander Technique helps improve my balance and poise and teaches me how to use my body in the most economical way with minimal tension. HR

Alexander Technique has taught me how to become more relaxed and have more freedom. It has helped in improving how I play my instruments and has allowed me to enhance my playing.  AS

Posture is something I didn't really understand before Alexander Technique lessons - having seen and, more importantly felt the huge difference it makes to my playing and positioning for the violin enabling my vibrato to progress and for my breathing to be more efficient for my woodwind instruments I can vouch for the vast improvement it has made to my playing.  HS

I think AT helps you improve your confidence as you feel relaxed and a lot less stressed after each lesson which I think is very important in such a busy school. It also lets you notice habits that you do which helps you to stay focused and relaxed which is useful throughout the day and when playing your instrument. RW

Alexander Technique is not about being right, but becoming aware of the wrong and acting upon it, not just in the lessons but in everyday life.  SL

Alexander Technique can be used as a building block in helping you do the everyday and one-off things, whether it is brushing your teeth, using the computer or sitting on the sofa, it is definitely helpful in noticing where you are and how you are doing whatever you’re doing. AnS 

AT changes the way that you approach any kind of problem, be it  in sport, music or an academic lesson. GC

Not only do I notice myself in musical activities, but in all aspects of daily life.  I can physically, mentally and emotionally feel a difference and that just shows how much I have benefitted from regular lessons.  I can allow myself to not be tense anymore which was previously holding me back.  Now I am free! SS

Alexander Technique allows you to step out (of your shoes), stop and breathe and helps you find a way to deal with things, life (not just problems) by becoming more aware and reducing stress.  AlS

Alexander Technique provides an opportunity for self-reflection.  It helps to identify your mistakes and learn to deal with them positively, either physically or mentally.  CK

AT improves your ‘posture’ and gives you a greater awareness of your body.  It makes you stop and ask for quiet, think for directions and wait for freedom, till you can move freely.  It allows for a more efficient method to relax and become mindful.  HK

Alexander Technique provides opportunity for self-reflection and gives you more efficient movement that does less damage to your body.  It is also important to relax in what can be a stressful world.  HS

Alexander Technique lets you stop and think and notice what you are doing and if what you are doing is unnecessary to put yourself right (by balancing).  You can think up and get rid of butterflies! (nerves).  You can lengthen the spine and get rid of any tension in the body so when you are in later life, you won’t feel as much pain in your back, legs or arms etc. MB

It helps correct any issues when I am playing and allows me to notice my surroundings more and relax easier. BB-M

Although progress is sometimes slow, you start to notice the differences in your posture and differences in noticing habits.  CS

The speed at which Alexander Technique changed the way I viewed my posture is incredible – barely a few weeks after my first lesson I was already noticing and altering how I sat or walked! G