Alexander Technique Chair Campaign

Alexander Technique teachers can help schools choose the right furniture for comfortable healthy seating which can set up good habits for life. Alexander teachers can also advise students on efficient ways to carry heavy school bags and the best type of bags to use. Alexander skills help pupils with problems such as ‘tech neck’ and how to sit comfortably and healthily when using computers and tablet devices.

The STAT School Chair Campaign collected thousands of signatures signing up for better school chairs for children. The campaign was aimed at encouraging schools to have well designed ergonomic chairs suitable for each child. Choosing appropriate furniture helps children set up good postural habits and to maintain poise throughout their lives. 

The Back Care charities research has shown that children suffer from the sedentary nature of the school day, carrying heavy bags and most of all from sitting for many hours a day in poorly designed chairs, that are often backward sloping.

pupils sitting .png

The implications of bad seating has been shown to impact on children’s posture and contribute to more children complaining of backache then ever before. It also affects their breathing and capacity to concentrate.


Good seating can contribute to children’s emotional wellbeing and their long-term success in life. It might be that we will come to think about this in a similar way to smoking and the equivalent health hazards and burden on the NHS.

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Current research into school chairs carried out by STAT members in Claddagh School in Galway Ireland has shown a marked improvement in children poise when are sitting on a well designed chair or forward sloping cushion.