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What kind of courses are available?

Alexander lessons and courses can improve learning throughout your school or college curriculum. Alexander Technique is a transferable skill and known by many educationalists as a powerful catalyst in the learning process. The educational philosopher John Dewey referred to the work as, “learning how to learn".

Workshops, courses and lessons for young people are now taught in many secondary schools, tertiary colleges and universities in the UK, Europe and worldwide. They are now frequently an integral part of academic and practical degrees. Lessons address children’s and young adults' well being and their approach to life and learning. 

Inset days can introduce the practical ideas of the Alexander Technique to teachers and staff to show how receiving ongoing Alexander lessons or courses can benefit the education and wellbeing of children, teenagers and young adults. Recent Alexander 'Inset Days' have included those at City of London Girls School, Leicestershire Education services and Kent Music services. To find a local Alexander Teacher for your school please contact STAT.

Alexander courses for schools with curriculums are also available:

Alexander’s proven ideas have, over many years, supported young people’s physical and mental well being in a practical and approachable way, motivating them to take charge of their lives, deal well with pressure, learn to concentrate easily, rest constructively and become adaptable and resilient.


For Pupils: A Sample 10 week course

Group courses will help pupils learn with their peers, observe others and benefit from different aspects of Alexander work.  We can tailor sessions for any size of group.

Lessons will provide students with practical tools they can use in other moments of their day, in and out of school.  Topics will cover a range of Alexander principles addressing wellbeing and can be tailored to whatever the pupils are engaging in.

For example, a 10 week course might cover topics such as:

  1. Mind/body awareness
  2. Art of listening 
  3. Confidence
  4. Being present- ‘in the moment’ 
  5. Impulse control
  6. Being ok with getting it wrong
  7. Developing resilience
  8. Creating space and poise
  9. Public speaking, voice work
  10. Presence and performance

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