Royal Northern College of Music

Royal Northern College of Music
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There are three Alexander Technique Tutors:

Malcolm Williamson
Nigel Evans
Margaret Heaton

The Alexander Technique has been taught at the RNCM since the 1970s. It is provided as a student support service, so students may elect for lessons irrespective of whether they are recommended by their instrumental or vocal tutors, doctor or simply because their friends are having lessons and say how helpful they are. Lessons are one-to-one and students normally contribute £12 per half-hour lesson. This may be funded in several ways, through the RNCM’s Medical Fund or Help Musicians. Vocal studies students are recommended to take lessons as a foundation to their vocal technique and all vocal students (Undergrad and Post-grad) attend an introductory series of classes as part of their course.

A short (self-elect) course have been introduced to show the relevance of ‘use affects functioning’ to dealing with stress and anxiety. By learning to attend to the way our body functions as a whole, habits for improved balance and co-ordination (poise) can be adopted as the foundation to an instrumental or vocal technique. Feeling more stable and secure ‘physically’ helps when dealing with stressed or anxious feelings and to build up resilience.

“Thank you for the lessons. The Alexander Technique helps me and it helps my muscles!”