National Youth Choirs of Great Britain

National Youth Choirs of Great Britain
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Alexander Technique for the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain

There are three Alexander Technique teachers who work regularly with the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain.  They are Lindsay Wagstaff, Judith Kleinman and Hidemi Hatada.
There are five choirs in total, catering for talented singers from School Year 5 to those turning 22. Some of the UK's top conductors and teachers help to develop the students’ choral skills, individual vocal technique and musicianship. Students who are successful at audition will attend up to two inspirational residential courses each year, the length of which may vary depending on the age group and ability but all students are introduced to the Alexander Technique during these courses.  The full choir is split into smaller ensembles (up to 12 singers) for rehearsal purposes and during one of these rehearsal periods they will have an Alexander Technique teacher with them. For the Training Choirs (National Youth Boys’ Choir, National Youth Girls’ Choir, National Youth Training Choir) this session introduces them to some of the basics of the Technique and in the Main Choir (NYC) it offers the opportunity to work with a particular theme for the week which the Musical Director of the course will reinforce during Main Choir rehearsals.
There is an experienced and well-co-ordinated team of singing teachers who see the young musicians on a one-to-one basis during the course and who refer students for individual Alexander lessons as appropriate.  
The whole ethos of the courses is that all staff work together to support the general well-being of the students at the same time as developing their musical talents.

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