Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA)

Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA)
Mount Street
L1 9HF

Programme run by Janet Pinder-Emery (Community Drama students) and Elaine Hale (Acting students)

Community Drama students (2nd year) do an eight week course in AT as part of a 'Core Competencies' module, which is officially assessed. It is a relatively short course - especially as the teaching is in small groups, not individual – but college tutors always report that students manage to integrate their learning with practical course studies long after the actual AT teaching has finished. For the majority of students, self-awareness and accuracy of perception develops during the course; along with the ability to notice, and sometimes 'inhibit', unhelpful habits and physical tensions. Posture also improves for most, with a better posture becoming easier to sustain. Many also find that it helps them on a personal level, especially with any posture-related aches and pains. Students also begin to see how working with body-mind connections can help with stress related to academic work as well as with performing.

Student quotes (all 2nd year community drama students):

Beth Lee: “In the Alexander Technique course, developing an awareness of how body and mind are linked helps with the clarity of my voice.”

Louis Hague: “Using Alexander Technique is helpful in understanding how all the different parts of the body work in conjunction [with] one another. [This] is really useful to help improve movement.”

Beth Wild: “Alexander Technique has empowered my acting ability and developed my overall presence.”