Leopold Mozart Zentrum der Universität Augsburg

Leopold-Mozart-Zentrum der Universität Augsburg 
Maximilianstr. 59, D-86150 Augsburg


Lessons take place in Bachelor and Master degree courses for various instruments, singing and pedagogy.

One course is offered each semester which consists of a 2-3 hour introduction for about 10 students, and then over 4 weeks single lessons weekly of 30 minutes for 6 of those students.Sheets with questions are included after the introduction and the last lesson to help students reflect. 

I am amazed how quickly the students learn. Often I have the impression (and get told) that what the Alexander Technique offers is a missing piece they didn’t know of. The feedback is very good, and some of the students continue taking lessons privately. One student made his professor organise a 3 day AT workshop for the bassoon class.

Michael Vogler, Alexander Technique Teacher