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Ms Polly Waterfield, Alexander Technique teacher, writes:

Alexander teaching at Kings College Choir in Cambridge is well established and I took over a solid set-up from Ann O’Brien in October 2017. I work with the choral scholars – that’s the men of the choir, not the boys. It’s voluntary; they can have six lessons a term if they choose. The take-up this year is 12 out of 16 men, and they are extremely motivated and appreciative. At the high level at which they are operating, with a rigorous choral schedule as well as a degree course, much of what they need is simple quieting of the nervous system and a realisation of how much they are pushing themselves. Being so tuned into their singing, they are also able to take in sophisticated work on co-ordination very quickly. I’m beginning to introduce a small group element. What a wonderful job: not only do I have the pleasure of working in the chapel, but also hear fabulous singing every week and get front-row seats to their concerts!

For me, my Alexander Lesson with Polly Waterfield is an oasis of calm in an otherwise manic schedule. It is so nice to be reminded to take time for myself, to focus on developing an internal relaxation and sense of balance and then to project this onto my interactions with the outside world. But these feelings are not restricted to the lesson: Polly’s teachings are revelations of a way of life which promotes a permanent change in attitude towards posture, breathing and singing/playing.