Junior Academy - Royal Academy of Music

The Junior Royal Academy of Music
Marylebone Rd


Twitter = @RoyalAcadMusic

There are two teachers at JRAM: Judith Kleinman MSTAT and Julia Duschenes MSTAT.



The great advantage of how Alexander Technique is taught at the JRAM is that there are 3 workshops a term open to everyone, as well as there being regular lessons every week for students interested or in need of the work, this means everyone can get a taste of the work. Alexander helps with learning and practising your instrument and poise and power in performance, as well as being more comfortable with yourself in everyday life.

The work gives the students skills in developing presence and awareness and a reliable sense of an embodied quiet mind.

Some students may need extra help especially if they have playing related problems such as RSI, but many students come because Alexander work helps them with concentration, co ordination and confidence, in life as well as in performance.