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The Guildhall School of Music actively supports both students and staff in enhancing musical study, performance training and stage work at the highest levels.

  • Every first-year student attends an introduction to the Alexander Technique, as part of the Professional Studies 1 lecture series.
  • Six Alexander Technique teachers offer one-to- one lessons, partly funded by the Guildhall. Fo those in need, there is full funding available.
  • The School also subsidises four 10-week Move Well Play Better courses per year. Group classes o circa 12 students last one hour, alternating Body Mapping and Alexander Technique work. Members of our instrumental teaching staff are funded to attend these courses. As a consequence, the principles of AT are far-reaching and integrated into many degree programmes offered by the school. 
  • There are song classes for the first and second years for three weeks at the beginning of the academic year, with an emphasis on the Alexander Technique whilst they are singing.

There are many benefits of the Alexander Technique. Students experience a reduction of pain and problems arising from too much tension and stress. They also experience, perhaps for the first time, a relief from trying too hard; by allowing for action instead of pushing and pressurising themselves, they can achieve far better results in their daily practice and performing. They have a framework whereby they can question their learning process and make changes.

Current Alexander Technique teachers: Selma Gokcen, Joe Sanders, Margaret Humphrey Clark, Shelagh Sutherland, Catherine Fleming, Imogen Barford, Nelly Ben-Or

Thanks for all the work you've done with me - it has all helped a lot!

-Postgraduate clarinetist

[The] sessions have helped me massively in dealing with bad posture habits accumulated over the years... I was surprised to see the benefits of those sessions not only in my guitar playing but also in my everyday life.

- Postgraduate guitarist

The Alexander Technique has been completely transformative for me. Over several years of learning and practice, the work has helped me develop as a human being, as an artist, and as a professional. The best way to describe the experience, with time and dedication, is that of waking up - or being encouraged to do so. It’s tough to emphasise exactly how much it has supported my growth.

– Guildhall alumnus and composer now working in Hollywood