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Alexander Teachers

Julia Outlaw
Sara Khoroosi

The Alexander Technique is proving very beneficial to the students who enrol on the 10 week Alexander Foundation course for young musicians or for private weekly lessons at DLD. 

Through the lessons and workshops the students realise how the techinque can help them with their studies, music or drama performances, sport and many more aspects of their lives.  Sessions focus on encouraging students to find healthy, postural, mental and spatial awareness.  Students comment how they can't wait for their weekly Alexander session - giving them some tools to look after themselves and make choices admist busy college life.

Staff workshops are also held at DLD college - in small groups.  These focus on a different topic each week including stress reduction, mindfulness and breathing.   

Some staff members also have individual lessons to fit with their individual timetables.

Student quotes

"Alexander technique has helped me to create am awareness which has translated to all areas of my life. Be it in creative pursuits or just everyday activity. I had pain in my body and habits which made me slouch and feel very low energy. With the knowledge that Alexander technique gave me I can allow the natural energy to flow through the body, and the body being devoid of habits then relieves pain and energises itself. It is for this knowledge and physical awareness that I acquired with the kind help of my teacher that I am most grateful for"   

Alice, drama student  (picture below)


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