City of London School for Girls

The City of London School for Girls
St Giles Terrace,


There are usually between 2-4 Alexander Technique Teachers that give termly workshops for the music scholars.  The workshops are usually taught in groups, although on occasion the scholars have received one to one lessons instead.  The Music department teacher also receive INSET day workshops.


Both the music teachers and scholars benefit from the Alexander Technique at the City of London Girls School.  They get to understand how they ‘Play Two Instruments’ and how to have better co-ordination in both.  They become more familiar with body mapping, so they can work with their bodies while practising and performing rather than against it. The students learn to recognise their bodies' response to performance anxiety, and learn strategies to release unwanted tension.  Importantly, they gain practical experience of the Alexander Technique and its transferable skills which helps not just with their music but with the rest of their daily lives.

'Staff LOVED today. Thank you so much for preparing so accurately for the needs of the team. Lots of positive comments and they left inspired.'

Director of Music, Steven Berryman (referring to one of the music teacher INSET day workshops)