Mexico City

The Alexander Technique teacher at Artestudio, Pablo Buniak, writes: 

'I was amazed by the way my students in Artestudio have been apply the Alexander Technique principles to their singing, dancing and acting. It has been a very strong experience to see how sensitive they are to the AT work. Group classes helped them much more than I thought I would be. It was revealing for me!'


The Alexander technique is an opportunity to reeducate your body, to observe it, take care of it and understand it. This technique helped me to modify certain habits both in real life and in the artistic medium since as a singer, actor and dancer I managed to find certain directions that allowed me to release tensions and have a healthier stage practice. I consider that studying the technique allowed me to reconnect with myself and understand that my body, my mind and my soul are oneself and that we can not think of them as isolated areas, on the contrary we are a unit, and at the moment of understanding this life is more nice, healthy and simple.

- Marco Espinoza


Before taking this technique, I was characterized as 'The most tense person in the world'; My neck was constantly atrophied, I was always humpbacked, my hands and shoulders tensed for anything, and I had never been able to sleep at all. Fortunately, I decided to enter this class; and after this first session I returned to my house, and for the first time in my life I was able to sleep well. 

- Carla Heftye