The Arden School of Theatre

The Arden School of Theatre
The Manchester College
Nicholls Campus
Hyde Road
M12 6BA

Number of teachers: 1

Anne Whitehead teaches the Alexander Technique to acting students on the Live and Recorded Media BA course at the Arden School of Theatre. Alexander lessons are taught in groups of approximately 14 students and are part of their skills lessons which also include voice and movement. Students learn to become more aware of their habitual states of tension and how this can hamper their acting skills. They learn how to release tension and move and speak with greater freedom, fluidity and clarity.


Alexander Technique not only helps with tension and posture especially for theatre and screen, but also we learn about ourselves before delving into characterisation which is crucial in performing. How can we take on a characters given circumstance and energy when we don’t even know ourselves?
- Charlotte Hughes

Alexander Technique has helped me to locate where I carry most of my tension. It’s given me the ability to release my tension and stress both in drama school and at home. I hadn’t realised how bad my posture was a year ago, nor did I realise how heavily stress weighs you down. I really do enjoy using AT.
- Amy Weston

I personally feel that it is vital for the Alexander Technique to be included in the acting programme as it shapes me as the actress I want to be.
- Jess Baskind