Alexander Technique & Education

Great short film showing the benefits of the Alexander Technique to students and teachers.

A group of STAT Alexander Technique teachers who work in educational establishments, saw there was a need for a short film to flag up the importance of Alexander lessons currently being taught on a regular basis in some primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities in the UK.

The film has given teachers and students a chance to express, in their own words, how useful Alexander work is for them. Their words are surprising, life affirming and inspiring. 

The Alexander Technique has been taught in educational settings for a long time. Alexander himself believed that that the Technique should be the essential basis of all types of education, particularly at the primary level. The work has always been deeply valued in the Arts as a powerful catalyst in the learning process and over the years has become more widely valued as a transferrable skill, useful for all subjects.

The film shows that having Alexander lessons can support school teachers as their students learn to think constructively, be it in academic, artistic or sporting activities. Alexander work can facilitate pupils’ ability to think clearly and to breathe, balance and coordinate freely when they are under pressure, whether in performance, during exams or when emotionally upset.

Teachers seeing that students becoming more in charge of their reactions, has meant that Alexander work is seen as a force for good in our Education system. Students learn to deal more easily with the hurried, stressful world we live in. Our long term aim for this practical philosophy, is for it to be widely available to all young people.

If you are interested in an Alexander Teacher coming to give a talk to introduce the work to your school please be in touch with the STAT office at

Comments on the film:

"Great film! I'll certainly send it on. I really like the identification of time and space as vital for our developing human beings - to breathe, to reflect, to be in touch with oneself and others in such a good way. Very dispirited that so many children go into mainstream schools at 4 and will not have these opportunities except possibly in selected chunks.”

Daisy Cockburn, Headmistress of Brighton and Hove Montessori

"I have just watched the AT video and I am very impressed. What a great film, everybody's contribution connects to a bigger picture."

School Teacher

"This is a beautifully crafted video and I love the words. I work with teenagers in my private practice and will be recommending it to them to watch."

School Teacher

"Beautifully done if only more schools would adopt Alexander Technique into everyday Education."

School Teacher

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