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Alexander Technique and Hypermobility

Hypermobility is a connective tissue condition (usually inherited) in which the body’s collagen is more elastic than the ‘norm’, leading to increased…


What the Alexander Technique is and how it can help with Back problems

To find out more about how the Alexander Technique can help with back problems and the current evidence, download the document below.

Pain: Other

In addition to studies exclusively involving people with chronic back or neck pain, several studies have assessed the effect of Alexander lessons for people…


Link to ATEAM trial in BMJ site

Link to ATEAM economic evaluation in BMJ website

Help with pain

The Alexander Technique is powerful, drug-free and non-invasive. It addresses the causes of pain, when these are related to poor posture or misuse, and…

Back problems

The Alexander Technique offers significant, long-term benefits to the problem of back pain. Back pain is a national problem. It is one of the most common…