Thursday morning ongoing class for A.T. teachers, A.T. trainee teachers and experienced pupils

Ongoing session

Following the closure of the Manchester Teacher Training School (MATTS) at the end of October. these weekly Thursday classes will offer a continuing friendly and supportive environment for teachers, mentoring and CPD hours for new teachers, experience and preparation for those considering training as a teacher in the future, and an opportunity for enthusiastic pupils to benefit from a professional training environment.

In these classes we will explore together some of the basic principles of the A.T, mostly through practical activites, exactly as happens on a traditional A.T. training course for teachers.

In addition to myself, regular teachers will include Malcolm Williamson (the retiring director of MATTS), Nigel Evans, Pauline Leng, Liz Hulse - and many more.

After some time, should there be sufficient interest, these classes may form the basis for a new professional training course for teachers.

There is more information, including dates and venues on my website here. Please contact me to be added to the mailing list for regular updates.

Course type
Open to all A.T teachers, trainee teachers, prospective trainees and experienced pupils.
£5 suggested donation for teachers. There is normally a £40 fee for trainee teachers and a £50 fee for pupils.
Start date
End date
Thursdays 9 a.m - 1 p.m. Please check dates and venue on my website before travelling.

Venue address, website and telephone numbers

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