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This course is designed to convey mindfulness practices based on core Alexander Technique Principles. The Technique is a mind-body strategy to wellbeing that helps us change the way we experience everyday life. When we are fully present mind and body in psychophysical unity we become self-caring in a way that is not bound to outside circumstances. We can build a sense of being anchored in ourselves that helps us to experience our life differently. Psychophysical unity gives us strength and resilience to better deal with the stress in our life. In this course we are going to learn physical and mental aspects of wellbeing and connect them together – what FM Alexander described as “The Use of the SELF”. On this course you will learn to:

· Develop your sense of self-awareness and engagement

· Practice full mind-body integration and re-alignment for a greater sense of wholeness

· Lower stress reactions by learning to recognise and change recurring habits of thought/reaction

· Change old habits and behaviour to develop mindful awareness in the way you move, reducing pain and fatigue by improving your postural balance

· Develop the calming effect of Alexander Technique Inhibition of unwanted reactions to choose who or what to allow in

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Every Tuesday 7.30 to 8.30pm

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The Alexander Technique makes me feel more comfortable, poised and peaceful. I started lessons years ago and have kept them up because I love the body awareness they teach. The Technique helps me to let go of tension and feel better, not just during lessons, but always.

Rachel Baird, Media Officer, London

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