Enhance your Business Practice, Enrich Your Learning, and Broaden Your Community with AmSAT Membership


Enhance your Business Practice, Enrich Your Learning, and Broaden Your Community with AmSAT Membership

AmSAT welcomes STAT members living outside the United States to join AmSAT as Affiliated Society Teaching Members. With so much happening online, you will enjoy many benefits from your own home.

For example, last fall, AmSAT presented six 90-minute sessions in the Business of Teaching. Three presenters covered these topics:

  • Know Your Value: How to Calculate Your Fees to Ensure Your Financial Success
  • The Power of Simplicity: Navigating Your 1-page Business Plan
  • Spreading the Word Part 1: Creating Your 1-Page Marketing Strategy
  • Spreading the Word Part 2: Implementing Your Marketing Strategy
  • Behind the Curtain: Record Keeping, Taxes, Partnerships, and Insurance
  • Pack Your Parachute: Assessing How Much Risk You are Willing to Take in Building Your Business

All sessions were recorded. In addition, we added worksheets and links to more seminars, a rich list of references, and also revised and updated our Promoting Your Practice area of the website. All this material is available with any category of AmSAT membership. While a few aspects of the material relate more directly to teachers working in the United States, there is a huge amount that would be relative to STAT teachers in the UK, Ireland and elsewhere. 

Membership also includes access to recordings of all past Continuing Education Huddles since 2015, recordings of Taking Time to Connect since 2020, and an online subscription to AmSAT Journal, which includes many years of past issues. You can also announce your workshops on our public calendar..

Willing to travel? We are very excited to host our first in-person conference since 2019. Please join us July 10–14 in Salt Lake City, Utah, Registration will be opening this spring..

Affiliated Teaching Society Membership in AmSAT requires confirmation that you were certified by an affiliated society, and if currently a member of another affiliated society, that you remain in good standing.

For more information, please go to https://alexandertechniqueusa.org/for-affiliated-society-teachers/. Please address questions to Membership Committee Co-Chair at MembershipChair@AmSATonline.org

And please join us at this year's in-person Annual Conference and General Meeting, July 10–14 in Salt Lake City, Utah. AmSAT members and guests can register at: https://members.alexandertechniqueusa.org/ap/Events/Register/24H0AExhAHNCz.