13th International Alexander Technique Congress, Dublin 3-9 August 2025

The International Alexander Technique Congress, will be the 13th since the first one in 1986, initiated by Michael Frederick. Michael is excited to be a co-director for this one as well. The aim is to create a great Congress experience in Dublin in 2025, embracing the diversity in the global AT community, and encouraging mutual understanding, sharing and friendship.

There will be a focus on the expertise of each individual teacher, on our collective wisdom, and on the diversity and uniqueness of our work. Striving to offer a rich and varied programme that enables you to make active choices and that allows you to make the Congress your own. With your participation, the organisers hope to deepen members understanding of the work, expand your skills, learn from stellar keynote speakers, and raise public awareness about the technique.

Please note that recent graduates and trainees get a really special rate. Anyone who has been or is on a teacher training course between August 2023 and August 2025 will only pay the trainee fee 600€ (early bird) 650€ (regular registration) . An email confirmation from Head of Training is required to secure this discount.

Pre-booking closes on 3 May 2024 If you pre-register with 100€ now, you can subtract 200€ from the prices in the links below.

Early Bird Registration - 3 May - 3 Nov 2024 

Regular Registration - 4 Nov 2024 - 3 May 2025