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What the Alexander Technique is and how it can help with Back problems

To find out more about how the Alexander Technique can help with back problems and the current evidence, download the document below.

Earlier Investigations

This is a published  overview of earlier investigations into the Alexander Technique The Development of the Alexander Technique and Evidence for its Effects…

Current Research Projects

Below we list currently ongoing or planned research projects.   Surgeon’s postural and ergonomic skills A follow-up full study is planned (timing TBC)  For…


Link to ATEAM trial in BMJ site

Link to ATEAM economic evaluation in BMJ website


Learning the Alexander Technique can help experienced and non-experienced dancers of all ages. It is being taught across the world work in numerous dance…

Back problems

The Alexander Technique offers significant, long-term benefits to the problem of back pain. Back pain is a national problem. It is one of the most common…