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There have been a number if articles in the news since the last time we sent you a publicity report. Please accept my apologies for not keeping you regularly…

Other groups and networks

On this page you can find the following resources: List of AT teachers who are also Pilates teachers Children and the Alexander Technique New networking…

Regional groups of teachers - contacts

Many areas in the UK have local groups of teachers. These function as informal support groups, organising work swaps, creating contacts for members who would…

Student Network

About the student network The Student Network is an independent body that is coordinated by students. We host affordable workshops with a range of guest…


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Policy governing advertising in Statnews and by mailout.

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Valentine's Day Gift Voucher

You can print two vouchers with this pdf, and cut them to size.

Photo Archive

STAT Photograph Archive The STAT office holds an archive of historical negatives of photos of FM Alexander. It will soon by an intergral part of this website.…

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I am relieved to be out of pain and to have found a technique that works for me. I hadn’t appreciated when I first started lessons how much of a positive impact the Alexander Technique would have in other areas of my life. Considering I only started Alexander Technique lessons for back pain, this has been an unexpected bonus!

Kathy Glenn

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