The Alexander Technique can help improve performance and make swimming more enjoyable for swimmers of all abilities, from the most reluctant beginner to the competitive swimmer!

Learning the Technique can help you to:

  • allow the water to support you
  • improve your breathing
  • focus on the quality of your movement
  • improve your stamina

Applying the AT gives you a better relationship with the water, which will allow you to relax and lengthen into your stroke. The dynamic relationship of the head to the spine is apparent in the swimmers who use themselves well. This relationship can be easily observed in the trajectory of the swimmer.

The Technique can also help you overcome the fear of water.  When faced with fear and stress we tend to stiffen our neck and limbs and hold our breath. In Alexander lessons you will learn a different response to fear, one that allows you to keep your neck free of tension to encourage better coordination and confidence.

As you learn to glide through the water with ease, you will reduce the effort of swimming that can lead to tension and even pain in neck and shoulders. The whole experience becomes effortless and much more enjoyable.

For the advanced or professional swimmer the Alexander Technique can help you become aware of, and prevent, excessive tension that interferes with your speed and technique.