STAT-Approved Teacher Training Courses

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Country Region Title
UK UK Scotland Edinburgh Alexander Training School

United Kingdom


Alexander ReEducation Centre
UK United Kingdom Cumbria Clone of Cumbria Alexander Training
UK United Kingdom Cumbria Cumbria Alexander Training
UK United Kingdom Devon Centre for Constructive Awareness and Related Education - CCARE
UK United Kingdom East Sussex Brighton Alexander Technique College (BATC)
UK United Kingdom London Alexander Technique School, Queen's Park
UK United Kingdom London Centre for the Alexander Technique
UK United Kingdom London City Alexander Technique School
UK United Kingdom London London Centre for Alexander Technique and Training (LCATT)
UK United Kingdom London The Alexander Teacher Training School
UK United Kingdom London The Alexander Technique Studio
UK United Kingdom London The Constructive Teaching Centre
UK United Kingdom Yorkshire York Alexander Technique School
World Argentina Buenos Aires Escuela de Tecnica Alexander de Buenos Aires (ETABA)
World Austria Vienna Alexander Technique Teacher Training Centre
World Estonia Tallinn EE Estonia Tallinn Alexander Technique Institute of Estonia
World Ireland County Galway Alexander Technique Training Course, Ireland
World Italy Lombardy Alexander Technique Academy
World Italy Milano Scuola Tecnica Alexander Milano
World Japan Ashiya Alexander Technique Teacher Training Class of AMAC Corporation Japan
World Japan Tokyo Alexander Technique Studio Tokyo Teachers training course
World Uruguay Montevideo Uruguayan School of Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique helped me release tension which I was previously unaware that I had, in particular when standing at the tee. In the past my mind would have been elsewhere and my thoughts made me more tense. Applying the Technique I discovered relaxing the jaw, feeling my socks in my shoes, sensing the ground beneath my feet and just being there really helped. My drive distance improved and I cut 5 shots in one game.

Annie Dillnutt, golfer
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