'Working Systematically' with Anne Battye

To improve the teacher's skills and confidence.
Onetime session

'Working Systematically' with Anne Battye on Saturday afternoon of 20th Jan 2018 from 1:30-4:30pm at 10 Harley Street, London W1G 9PF. 

Anne Battye will continue to look at ways of working systematically on ourselves (and how we teach our pupils), following sequences such as moving from sitting to 'monkey' to 'hands over the back of a chair' into standing, walking and going up on the toes. She will employ Alexander's principles of using the Primary Control, Inhibition (stopping) and Direction to incorporate such activities consciously into our everyday work and behaviour patterns. 

Because a Principle is a fundamental proposition that serves as a foundation for a system of behaviour, it is complete in itself. The Alexander Principle is the basis on which to build our lives. It is extremely powerful if we take on all aspects of it but it will not work so well if we ignore some parts. To embody this principle in action we need to work systematically, doing “what Alexander did” - by inhibiting our immediate response to a stimulus and sending our guiding orders “all at once, one after another”. If we work in this way we can learn to connect these sequences to whatever we do in practice, whether it be opening doors, playing an instrument, sitting at a workbench, at a computer, doing dentistry, surgery, walking the hills or anything else. 

The essence of Alexander's Technique is an extremely simple one – but it's very hard to remember and practise it. Embodying its practice in many different ways is what brings it alive and enriches our lives – we should have an interesting afternoon experimenting! 

Anne Battye trained with Marjory Barlow and was her assistant on her training courses 1969-76. Anne teaches privately and is also a STAT moderator. 

All participants will receive an invoice and record of attendance after the event.  

Please book early to avoid disappointment as places are limited and note that no refunds will be possible after 14th Jan 2018.

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For Alexander Teachers, trainees and others interested
£60 for one with discount for two
020 7467 8461
07775 934 448
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A half day course at HITE Harley Street on Saturday 20 Jan 2018, 1:30 to 4:30pm

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During a recent traumatic period I was able to maintain physical wellness, and through that, mental wellness at a time when I could have gone downhill rapidly. The Alexander Technique gives you the control and 'power' to deal with anything physical that life throws at you.

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