Uses and Misuses with Anne Battye

Onetime session

Going from the Known to the Unknown with Anne Battye on Saturday afternoon of 30th Mar 2019 from 1:30-4:30pm at 10 Harley Street, London W1G 9PF. 

Learning to use FM Alexander's Technique in our daily lives often takes us out of our comfort zone – because practising it leads to a heightened degree of consciousness and, possibly, vulnerability. We find ourselves on a voyage of self-discovery, with nothing to guide us except FM Alexander's work. We have the means whereby we can prevent ourselves from getting hopelessly lost – but we have to “do what Alexander did”.

As we work and grow, we become more aware of our fears, of being seen to be 'wrong''; maybe failure in performance or a sudden humiliating return to our old unwanted habits. Often pupils have said to me “but I thought I had got over those patterns of habitual reaction” - but they creep up on us again and again, from nowhere!

I would like to look at activities which people often find difficult or meaningless – for instance, going up on the toes without leaning forwards. Or hands over the back of the chair, in 'monkey'. And the 'whispered ah' – why whisper, for instance? Why might we want to do these activities, what relevance might they have and what might be the best way of approaching this practice? 
Our systematic practice of the Alexander Technique helps us to negotiate difficult transitions in our lives.

Anne Battye trained with Marjory Barlow and was her assistant on her training courses 1969-76. Anne teaches privately and is also a STAT moderator. 

All participants will receive an invoice and record of attendance after the event.  

Course type
For Alexander Teachers, trainees and others interested
£65 for one with discount for two
020 7467 8461
07775 934 448
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A half day course at HITE Harley Street on Saturday 30 Mar 2019, 1:30 to 4:30pm