Stand Tall... Improve your posture by balancing your body

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Half day workshop £80. Early bird special offer £75 if paid for by 5th January 2019
07775 618 822
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Saturday 19th January 13:30 - 16:30

Join my Level 1 course using The Alexander Technique A comprehensive session exploring how to -

• Find a good support base to stand tall and sit well
• Reduce tension and pain issues
• Get a lighter, easier stride making walking less effort

• Bend and lift with more co-ordination and ease
• Improve your body image
• Re-connect with good natural movement

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I was looking for some way to help manage my lower back problems without relying on pain relief medication. I have found my one-to-one AT sessions extremely helpful and have learnt to identify and avoid postures and actions that contribute to back pain. I now know how to relax and properly rest my back and neck. In my experience, AT is a whole body technique which can help one to be more self-aware and to understand how to move with less tension and consequently, with less effort. Hurray for AT!

Patricia Brooks

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