Group classes in Marsden

Ongoing session

Mondays 19:30-21:00, 6th November for 6 weeks

Cost £100 includes

  • six 90-minute sessions in a group of 8-10

  • a 40-minute one-to-one lesson with a certified and experienced Alexander teacher

  • refreshment

Learn to:

  • observe unhelpful postural habits

  • use simple techniques to help you move with less effort

  • perform simple activities with more freedom, awareness and enjoyment.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to learn to move with more freedom including:

  • musicians or performers

  • anyone with back or neck ache

  • anyone using tools

  • sports men and women.

Course type
07977 598064
Start Date
End Date
Weekly 7.30-9.00 pm

What does the course involve?

Alexander Technique is usually taught with a combination of verbal instructions and hands-on guidance to help you adopt freer and more efficient patterns of movement.

In the group sessions we will learn to recognise where and how we are 'over working' in performing simple activities like getting out of a chair or writing. Most people use more postural muscle tone than they need, for example by tensing the neck or knees when they don't need to. To begin with we aim to give you guidance (including hands-on guidance) and practice so you can see this working in yourself.

Once you have recognised some of your habitual patterns you will be introduced to Alexander's techniques for 'unlearning' habits you don't need. You will then apply these techniques 'in action' as you perform simple activities. Taking this into your daily life should, over time, enable you to perform tasks you need with less effort, more enjoyment and often with reduced pain. It can take some time to unlearn deeply ingrained habits but most students will start to feel benefits after a few lessons or group classes.

We also learn some very basic anatomy - knowing where your joints are helps you to establish a reliable 'body map' which is important for integrated movement.

We give instruction in the semi-supine or 'active rest' exercise. This is an excellent way to calm down the nervous system and give your back a rest.

In the individual lesson, the teacher will work with the hands to guide you into more efficient ways of standing, sitting and moving. With guidance from a skilled teacher your body can learn new, more efficient postural patterns more quickly. Most students report feeling lighter and freer after these sessions and if they come with pain this is often reduced - this is because their body has learned to work without some of the tension that has become habitual but is not needed.

After the main session (90 mins) there will be optional brew and biscuits and a chance to ask questions.