Free taster sessions in Marsden

Onetime session

I will be available for questions about Alexander Technique and for free individual hands-on turns at a stall at Edibles open day near Marsden

Saturday 16th September 10 am - 5 pm

Sunday 17th September 10 am - 3 pm

No need to book, just turn up

Alexander Technique is the primary technique for 'unlearning' postural habits that make our movements ill co-ordinated and inefficent. Alexander students are proven to have more adaptable muscle tone and reduced back pain. With AT you can learn to perform all the tasks you need to live your life with less effort, better integration, more awareness and less chance of pain or injury.

Look out for a full 6 week course in Marsden 9th Oct - 13th Nov




Course type
07977 598064
Start Date
End Date
10am-5pm Saturday. 10am-3pm Sunday

Alexander Technique is usually taught with a combination of verbal instructions and hands-on guidance. I will be available to give brief demonstrations (not more than 15 mins or so) on the open days. It is difficult to get a picture of how it works by words alone but even a very brief experience working with hands-on can give you a better idea.

Some people report much greater freedom of movement even after only 15 minutes! (see the testimonial on my web page)

Feel free to come and chat or ask for a hands-on turn at the open day.