Flexibility, Coordination and Confidence for you and your horse

Onetime session

Flexibility, coordination and confidence for you and your horse.

This is a weekend course for horse owners and those who work with or ride horses. You will be able to immerse yourself in your exploration of yourself, the horses and the amazing location. Many riders suffer from back pain when riding or when looking after their horse around the yard. This course will give you an opportunity to explore how applying the Alexander Technique can help you look after yourself whilst riding and working with horses on the ground, as well as in your daily life. It includes an individual session for each participant on my saddle horse to help you find a deeper seat and independent legs in your riding. We will work with the resident horses in the barn and arena to put into practice what we have learnt for ourselves, whilst learning some Tellington TTouch Training for horses with the beautiful Seren Arabians at the High House Centre.  There will be plenty of time during the weekend for you to ask questions about how to apply your learning to your own situation.

The High House Centre is a fantastic location for getting away from it all and learning about yourself. The wonderful Seren Arabian horses are calm and intelligent and make the perfect partners to help you learn.

Tea/coffee/biscuits/cake/water provided, but please bring your own packed lunch for both days.

Course type
Horse owners and riders
£120 for the weekend
07771 602 665
Start date
End date
The weekend of Sat 3rd and Sun 4th June 2017, 10am - 4pm both days
Start date
End date
The weekend of Sat 16th and Sun 17th September 2017, 10am - 4pm both days

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I received my first Alexander lesson about 13 years ago when I hurt my back. After that first lesson I felt 95% better. I felt WHOLE. And I continue to receive lessons twice a month.

Carol Meade, Wallingford CT USA

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