Art of Running

Onetime session

Improve your running technique: make your running

·      More enjoyable, free and easy

·      Have more ‘gears’

·      Less prone to injury

The “Art of Running” workshop with Malcolm Balk, an internationally acclaimed athletics and coach and author of Master the Art of Running is based on the long-established principles of the Alexander Technique (AT). The AT encourages good use of the body and greater awareness of how it functions. In this workshop Malcolm shows how to achieve and maintain fitness without injury and how to overcome self-imposed limitations to successful running. Malcolm will use video analysis.

The workshop is aimed for anyone interested in running and is equally suitable for runners of all levels of experience from the beginner to the marathon runner.

The main part of the workshop will take part in the nearby Bedford Square, so come prepared for the weather of the day.

Malcolm will be assisted by Andy Smith, Alexander teacher.

To book your place contact Brita. 

Course type
Suitable for all runners from complete beginners to experience marathon runners.
020 7833 4854
07739 796 514
Start date
End date
Sunday 1.30-5.00 pm

Please come prepared for outdoors running and check the weather report and bring suitable clothing. We will stay indoors if very heavy rain. There are facilities for changing at the YMCA.

Find out more about Malcolm and The Art of Running here:

For more information you may also contact Brita on 07739 796514 and OR Andy on 07790 027290 and email: