Alexander Technique for Performers

Onetime session

Discover the Alexander Technique as a tool for the performer in you. Develop stage presence by discovering how to become aware of, and how to move beyond your personal ingrained habits of reacting and thinking, moving and breathing. You will explore how to gain spontaneity and ease of movement, presence, physical expression of characters through movement.

This practical hands-on course will help you to free yourself for creative expression as you learn to integrate freedom of movement in performance.
It requires using your whole integrated being - your self. Instead of trying to teach us to be 'right', the Alexander Technique teaches us to stop doing and thinking the 'wrong' and allow the new, unknown 'right' to emerge. It is an exciting journey into the unknown.

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Course type
Actors, singers, musicians, anyone interested in Alexander Technique for improving performance, breathing and voice.
Full cost: £99, Senior: £99, Concession: £60
Start date
End date
5 Saturdays from 12:30-14:30


Or call to enrol: 020 7831 7831

Enrol early, ideally by 11th Jan 2020