Alexander Technique: mind, body and movement

Onetime session

Would you like to improve your freedom of movement, breath and speech during performance? This course for beginners and improvers will help you release habitual tension with a focus on mind and body. Discover the Alexander Technique as a tool for the performer in you. Develop stage presence by discovering how to become aware of, and how to move beyond your personal ingrained habits of reacting and thinking, moving and breathing. This practical hands-on course will help you to free yourself for creative expression as you learn to integrate freedom of movement in performance. 

Topics include:
• Eliminating and avoiding habits of voice and facial and body gesture that interfere with the performance
• Centring and grounding 
• Spatial awareness, 
• Balance and co-ordination 
• Controlling performance anxiety 
• Developing powers of observation 
• Focusing
• Freedom and control of movement
• Movement and character work
• Change into and stay true to the character

Course type
Anyone interested in Alexander Technique for improving performance
Full cost: £159, Senior: £127, Concession: £97
07739 796514
Start date
End date
13 Mondays 16:00-17:45

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I am relieved to be out of pain and to have found a technique that works for me. I hadn’t appreciated when I first started lessons how much of a positive impact the Alexander Technique would have in other areas of my life. Considering I only started Alexander Technique lessons for back pain, this has been an unexpected bonus!

Kathy Glenn

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