The Alexander Technique & The Evolution of Movement / Dart Procedures

Onetime session

We have been offering this course on the Evolution of Movement and The Alexander Technique in Turkey for several years. Each course varies slightly depending on the location, and also on the participants as we are sensitive to the needs of each participant. You will learn (or revise) the essential ingredients of the Dart Procedures within the context of the Alexander Technique. These Procedures, which are pleasurable to do for themselves, can help to give new insights into the basic Alexander principles of conscious inhibition and direction. Performing them adds depth of understanding. The experience is unique. Vivified and refreshed are frequent comments from previous participants. Try something new! Join us this August.

Course type
Specialist and residential
Alexander Teachers or trainees, or members of the public interested to expand their movement range and vocabulary.
565 euros sharing or 720 euros single
Start date
End date
Learning sessions will be in the mornings plus an evening event each day