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Skill & Poise

Raymond A Dart (hardback)

 £30  £10

Authorised Summaries of F.M Alexander’s four books

Ron Brown (paperback)

 £15  £10




The Alexander Technique (low stock) 

John Nicholls & Sean Carey (paperback)

 £15  £10

The Foundations of the Human Well-being (low stock)

Walter H.M Carrington (paperback)





The Congress Papers – STAT



The 6th International Congress 1999   


£20  £10

The 7th International Congress 2004 


£25  £10

The 8th International Congress 2008 - Volume 1 


£22  £10

The 8th International Congress 2008 - Volume 2


£22  £10

The 9th International Congress 2011   


£23  £10

 The 10th International Congress 2015


£26  £10

The 11th International Congress 2018 


£27  £10

The 12th International Congress 2022 (no stock)

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The Alexander Journal - Latest issue (No. 28) - STAT  


£20  £10

Older issues - please indicate issue No(s) when ordering

In stock: No. 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28  (No. 23 - no stock)

£15  £10




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Other Publishers

The publishers below specialise in materials related to the Alexander Technique, offering direct-from-the-publisher retail mail order services to the UK.  Visit their website pages to see what's available from each of them.

Please note the Mouritz website (see below) also features an extensive Alexander Technique bibliography.

Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that publishers represented on this page are reputable companies they are independent of STAT, we cannot take any responsibility for the content of their websites, or for their services or products:

Mouritz is the largest of the specialist Alexander Technique publishers and its catalogue include all but one of those written by F.M. Alexander himself.