STAT publishes Statnews, the Society's newsletter, three times a year, and The Alexander Journal from time to time.

Statnews is full of articles, letters and reviews contributed by members of STAT regarding the work of the Society and the Alexander Technique, keeping you up to date with news about the Technique and the views aired by teaching and student members.

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Congress Papers

The Papers from the International Congresses of the Alexander Technique, now held ever three years, offer a fascinating range of contributions at the leading edge of Alexander practice and theory.

Advancing Global Perspectives: The Congress Papers 11th International Congress 2018 of the FM Alexander Technique, Chicago 2018 - 366 Pages. Illustrated. Paperback - £25 + P&P

Empowering Humanity, Inspiring Science: The Congress Papers 10th International Congress 2015 of the FM Alexander Technique, Limerick 2015 - 322 pages. Illustrated. Paperback - £24 + P&P

Learning From Each Other: The Congress Papers 9th International Congress 2011of the FM Alexander Technique,  Lugano 2011 - 388 pages. Illustrated. Paperback - £21 + P&P.

From Generation to Generation: The Congress Papers  8th International Congress of the FM Alexander Technique,  Lugano 2008 - Volumes 1 and 2 - Two volumes (216 X 138 mm), 288 pages each. Illustrated. Paperback - £20 each volume plus P&P

The Congress Papers: 7th International Congress of the FM Alexander Technique 2004. Paperback. - £22 + P&P

The Congress Papers: 6th International Congress of the FM Alexander Technique, Freiburg 1999. Paperback. - £15 + P&P

Other STAT Publications

The Alexander Technique in conversation with John Nicholls and Sean Carey. Paperback. - £12.00 + P&P

Skill and Poise by R A Dart. Hardback. - £27.50 + P&P

Authorised Summaries of FM Alexander's four books by R Brown. Paperback. - £12.00 + P&P

The Foundation of Human Well-Being, and The Work of Professor Magnus and the F Matthias Alexander Technique by Walter H M Carrington. 58pp. Paperback. - £8.00 + P&P

Back copies of the Alexander Journal

Most back volumes of the Alexander Journal are available from No. 8 onwards. Please enquire for further details.

To order...

You'll soon be able to buy books, cds and dvds via STAT's online shop. In the meantime, you can order them by contacting the STAT Office. For the full price of your order including postage and packaging (not included in the prices above), and to order, please contact Luke Chatterton by emailing or call on 020 8885 6514

Payment can be made by cheque made payable to STAT for UK pounds Sterling or by credit card or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Switch/Maestro, Solo).

Other Publishers

The publishers below specialise in materials related to the Alexander Technique, offering direct-from-the-publisher retail mail order services to the UK.  Visit their website pages to see what's available from each of them.

Please note the Mouritz website (see below) also features an extensive Alexander Technique bibliography.

Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that publishers represented on this page are reputable companies they are independent of STAT, we cannot take any resposibility for the content of their websites, or for their services or products:

Mouritz (UK)

Mouritz is the largest of the specialist Alexander Technique publishers and its catalogue include all but one of those written by F.M. Alexander himself.

The Sheildrake Press (UK)
Mornum Time Press (USA)
Round Corner Publishing (Germany)
Novis (Denmark - but several titles published in English)