Other groups and networks

On this page you can find the following resources:

Information for this page should be emailed to: website@stat.org.uk.

Please use the phrase "members' networks" in the subject line of your email.

List of AT teachers who are also Pilates teachers

For a list of Alexander teachers who are also Pilates teachers, please contact Jane Staggs by email: cambetseat@msn.com

Or send a stamped addressed evnelope with a request for the AT/Pilates list to:

Jane Staggs, 22 Leys Avenue, Cambridge CB4 2AW

Children and the Alexander Technique

For information visit www.ed2k.org.uk.

Contributions welcome. If you would like to take part in the Education 200 newsgroup please send an email to sue@ed2k.org.uk

New networking website for the British theatre industry

BritishTheatre.com has been launched. It is a new social networking site for the British Theatre industry. It already has over 350 members including actors, drama students, designers, theatre companies, writers, producers ...

On BritishTheatre.com you can meet new contacts, exchange ideas, recommend and realise creative partnerships.

Network for teachers who teach athletes

Would any teachers who tend to teach mostly athletes, horse riders and other sports people like to form a forum or support network? This would be a loose email-based network to share ideas, research etc. Any interest? Drop me an email and I'll set up a group email list and send it out to everyone who replied, and we can take it from there...

Erica Donnison: Email: erica@atechniqueforlife.co.uk

AT-Experiments: a new online dicussion group

AT-Experiments seeks to promote practical experimentation and exploration in everyday life, using the Alexander Technique as a learning method. It actively encourages a range of views and experiences of Alexander lessons, teaching and using the Alexander Technique.

Posters are limited to five group emails per month to stimulate broad debate and to encourage new contributors. All are welcome to join.

Alexander teachers are welcome to advertise workshops and websites here.

If you know anyone who might be interested in this group, please point them at: http://groups.google.co.uk/group/at-experiments