How to find Alexander Technique teachers and courses


Our website gives you lots ways to find how and where to learn the Alexander Technique, including information on

  • teachers and one-to-one lessons
  • workshops and courses
  • teacher training

These are briefly described next. Further down the page you can find more detailed information about

Teachers and one-to-one lessons

Our site features two main ways to find teachers offering one-to-one lessons.  You can click one of the buttons at the top of the page or click one of the following links to:

As a third option, you can also try and match a part of a teacher's address

All the teachers you can find on this site are STAT members who will have had a training lasting 3 or more years.

Workshops and Courses

To find out about introductory or specialist workshops and courses you can

Teacher training

If you want to find teacher training opportunities, again you can

Learn more about finding teachers and one-to-one lessons

Learning about:

Here are some hints as to how to use these features.

Finding teachers near you and showing them on a map

Unless you are looking for a particular teacher by name this is probably the best way to find a teacher. You'll need to say where you are (your search location) and say how far you want to look for a teacher. But default distances are provided and will work in most cases.

For the search to work, it will need to recognise the search location you enter. If it can't, you'll get an error message.

Assuming it can recognise the search location, it finds a corresponding point on the map (a latitude and longitude) and searches in all directions from there.

Please note - it always searches from a point. If you put in ”England” it will find the centre of England and search from that point - it will not search the whole of England.

In the United Kingdom you'll probably get the best results if you put ina full postcode as your search location.

For example, if you specify a postcode like ”EX1 2BG” and a search radius of 15 (miles) you will see all the places where you can receive teaching within 15 miles of EX1 2BG.

The default country is the United Kingdom. Use the drop-down box to select a different country if you need to.

If your are living outside of the United Kingdom then it is quite variable how far apart teachers are and you'll probably have to look over a bigger area. Default distances are provided and these will work in most cases.

Here are some points to watch out for:

  • If the search doesn't produce any results, then try increasing the search radius.
  • Search results are limited to the first 40 locations closest to you. In London, that might not be all the teachers within the search area - but they will be the 40 closest ones.
  • Scroll down to see the list of results. You can also print that list.
  • The search facility is good at interpreting even simple search addresses.  But in some cases, there may not be enough information and you'll get an error message saying it can't find the location. Try putting in more detailed information and search again.
  • The results shown on the map are determined by your search parameters.  If you zoom the map out to see a bigger area you will not see more teachers unless you also increase the search radius and do another search
  • The map that is displayed is bigger than the search area.  So there might be teachers located in the outer parts of your map display who are not currently showing up.  They will show up if you increase the search radius and search again (provided they are in the first 40 results).
  • You can click a pin to see more details about what is available at that location
  • If you don't enter a radius you'll get an error.

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Find teacher by name

Just put part of a name into the search box.  The search will return all the teachers that have parts of names matching what you have entered.

So "Jan" would find "Jane Austen" or "Janet Jackson" or "Leoš Janáček". 

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Searching for teachers by matching part of the address

NB: If you are looking for teachers in a particular place you are better off using the Map Search. It will give more precise and controllable results. You can see exactly where the different teachers are.

Searching for teachers by part of an address works the same as the name search: it will give you all the teaching locations that have parts of the address that match the search string you have entered.

So ”Manchester” would match addresses that had the city ”Manchester” named in their address, but could also match an address such as "10 Manchester Road, Sheffield". The results could be in any country. If you put in ”York” you will get results in York and Yorkshire, England and New York, USA.

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Using "heat-maps" to find courses, workshops and teacher training

These two maps do not require you to put in any location to search. All the results are already on the maps. You just have to zoom and pan the maps to find the results you want. 

When the maps are zoomed out, a single pin may include a number which tells you that there are several results near that point. You can click the pin to zoom in closer and start to separate out the different results, until each result has its own pin.

If there are several results at the same place (eg several courses running at the same venue), it will open out a ”spider” to show you what they all are.

When a pin is for a single result, you can see the name of the course when you hover over it.

I have suffered back pain for a long time and the last 15 years have been a merry-go-round of doctors, drugs and complementary therapies. At the end of my second Alexander session I started to ease into the process. I followed my teacher's instructions between sessions, and found I could focus on my body, its movements and its tensions. It now seems possible to be free of pain and my usual cocktail of painkillers is no longer necessary. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the technique.

Karen Johnson

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